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The Zeppo
The Zeppo As Vampire - He Doesn't Look So Good!

The Zeppo is an Internet & Telephone Stalker

  • Liar (Denies spam - I have the evidence)
  • Liar - Doubts on his military service displayed on his own web site!
  • Coward (Abuses strangers, Yellow Stripe On Back)
  • Telephone Stalker
  • Ripping off Aussie ex-servicemen by day, and selling child porn by night

Stalker Of The Year 2004

This digitally enhanced view of The Zeppo follows the modern vampire convention.

Some people think that vampires are evil. I disagree - lions are not evil for killing zebra, people are not evil for eating a sunday roast. Vampires have to survive.

I even doubt The Zeppo is seriously evil; just plain stupid, is my guess.

He Simply doesn't Know When He's Beaten

I met The Zeppo though spam (6 Feb 04) - I don't like spam, I despise spammers, so I reported him (as I daily report 100+ spam mails). And I thought that would be it. But I hadn't reckoned on The Zeppo's natural stupidity.

  • He asked why I'd reported him (8 Feb 04).
  • I told him (8 Feb 04).
  • He wrote again, blustering why he could spam me - apparently he believes that any previous contact allows him to add folk to his mailing list (8 Feb 04). Even when that contact was a rude exchange (again, initiated by The Zeppo)
  • I wrote again, using a choice selection of anglo-saxon words, words that I routinely use for spammers, and I have no regrets about so doing. Spammers are the filth of the web, and four letter words were invented for just such slime (8 Feb 04).
  • The Zeppo chose to post that email in my guestbook. That's stalking. (9 Feb 04).
  • Now, while spammers deserve four letter words, my visitors had done nothing to deserve them, so I deleted the post and blocked The Zeppo
  • He re-registered and repeated his childish prank (9 Feb 04). I deleted, blocked and declared war.
  • I told the pure ungarnished truth on his guestbook; a less sophisticated guestbook than mine, he has had to close it, as I can post so easily, and he clearly can't find the delete button.
  • The Zeppo retaliated by posting my rude emails on his own paranoia page, which he touchingly calls calls: Veterans Villians or Vigilantes (sic). What sane person would do that?
  • He clearly believed this was a 'killer blow' - I disagree, so you can see four letter words on his site, if that's what turns you on!
  • As The Zeppo was clearly still doing battle (albeit shooting himself in the foot), I have decided to repeat the truth about The Zeppo to his visitors in his forum.
  • By all means visit that to get the latest, but I'm afraid it really is very boring; The Zeppo has half the style of Spiro, and it is pretty boring responding to his tired digs.
  • 10 March 2004 - The Zeppo phones - "You Can Run", he dribbles, "But You..." - I guess most of us can predict the ending. he followed up this telephone stalking with an email confirming he's done it. weird, or wot? Unlike Internet stalking, which is a wild and woolly affair, telephone stalking is illegal in every civilized country.
  • 11 March 2004 - The Zeppo has updated his web page ... I've updated mine. As ever (will he never learn?) Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction.

The Zeppo is an extraordinarily useless stalker; he goes through the motions, even though he is outsmarted at every turn - but he is certainly persistent. Some would draw the line at receiving telephone calls from a stalker - but, so far, the worst he has ever achieved is boring me. In terms of his other activities, I hope he gets what he deserves; but so far as the stalking goes; while he's making me laugh, he's not frightening someone else.

Stalking is a sad activity, and the perpetrators need help. But you cannot help them until they recognise their ownership of the problem. Only The Zeppo started this chain of events; only when The Zeppo learns the harm he does to himself can it end. And only The Zeppo can stop it. Here's how ...

  1. The Zeppo publicly announces that he will only spam those who ask him to. He's welcome to peddle his wares to those who want it, so long as that is legal - Sadly, it is legal.
  2. The Zeppo removes all reference to me from his web pages.
  3. The Zeppo promises never to telephone me again. It's just too boring!

Looks like The Zeppo has slimed off for the moment; no further activity to report. It is strange, but I do miss the fool; in some awful way the attention is flattering. But I have been lucky that he's so stupid. Take, for example, the address business: As it happens, all my web sites are registered in my name, and anyone with minimal internet knowledge can locate site registration details; it's public stuff. And, as it happens, my address appears on two of my web sites. Now, after a month of searching (Well Done Ted!) The Zeppo finds this info, and brandishes it about like a flag. Now, I don't care, and his public orgasm was Typical Ted. But suppose I had wanted that stuff kept private? Stalkers can cause serious distress. Don't let my entertaining experience give anyone a false sense of security. Always keep records, always be prepared to take necessary action - small action now may avoid serious action later.

Any Zeppoid recidivism will be rewarded by all legal (but unpleasant) measures.
First Published 18 February 2004, Seventh Edition 12 May 2005

Thanks to all those who sent information - even the stuff I cannot publish!

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